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  • Mutita Donsomsakunkij

    Mutita Donsomsakunkij

    I am a Web Developer, who are trying to improve my mindset. Currently, I am a blogging beginner.

  • Elena Kosourova

    Elena Kosourova

    Petroleum Geologist passionate about Data Science. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elena-kosourova-b8154322/

  • Editorial Team

    Editorial Team

    Empowering writers by building an ecosystem of Collaborators. Connect with us over LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/team-nft/

  • Towards Dev

    Towards Dev

  • Fikri Hakim

    Fikri Hakim

  • Archana Patil

    Archana Patil

    ML | Java | Kotlin | Python | Javascript | typescript | React | Redux

  • Asmita Karanje

    Asmita Karanje

    A little bit of everything

  • Manoj M J

    Manoj M J

    Works @ GitLab. Ruby, Rails, Startups, Books & Movies.

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